Smart vasoactive pump

Akram Al Nababteh

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Provide a summary of the concept, how it works/could work, and why it could be successful

The smart vasoactive pump is a smart solution for patients on chronic vasoactive agents. It is connected with the physiology of the patients through external and invasive monitoring techniques and provide vasopressors in case of hypotension, while providing BP lowering agents in case of hypertension.

Explain briefly the specific problem(s) you are trying to solve, and how your solution impacts or will impact the region

Trying to solve the problem of nursing shortage in terms of quality or quantity when it comes to caring for critically ill patients. The device will streamline the care of septic patients or patients with hypertensive emergency by providing a safe and effective method of stabilizing their blood pressure and heart rate. The device can also be used in the OR setting to streamline the care of OR patients with unstable vital signs.

Geographical Scope: where is the innovation currently operating/where would it first be applied and where would it scale?

In the ICU of tertiary medical centers, then would scale to community hospitals

Please state the current status of your initiative

Concept stage

Beneficiaries: Explain who would benefit from this solution and indicate whether you would be working with a local partner or organization to implement (if so,specify)

Septic shock patients

Describe the scalability and innovation elements of your initiative

It can be generalized to all ICUs and ORs

Please state your innovation sponsor (if applicable)

No sponsor till now

What are your key resources at this stage and what resources would you need to implement/scale?

Medical devices development enterprise in association with highly academic health care center

What are your key challenges and risks at this stage?

Patient safety issues and creating a responsive software that can adapt to the patient changing physiology

What are your goals and timeline?

Creat a prototype- 6 months.
Getting FDA approval-2 years

Why should this innovation be selected?

It is an innovative, genuine solution to a problem we face every day in the ICUs and ORs throughout the world.

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