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Aya Burweila

Athens, Greece
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Code on the Road: Empowering Women and Girls through Business Entrepreneurship and Software Training” is a winning program designed to empower women and girls in post-conflict zones by giving them the skills, knowledge, and mentorship to create opportunities for themselves and thrive in a new environment.
Through the innovative use of mobile technology, COR aims to further develop talent and knowledge as a means to drive better business and entrepreneurship models in post conflict zones and communities where entrepreneurship both as a practice and a mentality has been stunted.
This short video explains the background of COR, its aim in Libya, and what motivation, and includes a list of its partners


COR is registered as a non for profit civil society organization registered in Greece under Registration Number 148647101000 under the Greek Civil Code and whose office is headquartered in Athens. It aims at establishing a for profit Model

It currently operates in Amman and Athens and will target Libya and Lebanon

Code on the Road’s financial and operating model is based on a two pronged approach for community engagement:

1. COR operates a non-for-profit arm, and its “Empowering Migrant Women and Girls Through Business Entrepreneurship and Software Training” program is currently funded by the U.S. State Department. This resulted in the implementation of our business entrepreneurship and software training program for women in Athens and Amman, which is still ongoing.

2. This arm funded by grant and seed funding in its initial phase and will transition to being funded by our enterprise with a percent being allocated to projects once our planned social enterprise achieves its financial targets.

Our for- profit arm will function as a social enterprise sister company to develop and run bespoke, blended, regional ed tech training that supports formal, informal and private sector education for tech, entrepreneurship, financial and tech literacy skills for women and men.

COR operates in Amman and Athens and intends to target Benghazi with a country-specific app, then Lebanon. In the future, COR intends to target more MENA countries.
Following a social enterprise model, we want to establish a for-profit startup to help fund our non-profit projects

COR’s existent non-profit will continue to use grant funding for projects relevant to their mission of labor market integration, female empowerment, policy research and building resilience in society to right wing and religious extremism.

Received $24, 430 dollars grant from the U.S. State Department Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund and almost the equivalent in cost-sharing by partners.

  • Aa Burweila: Founder and Executive Director (Greece/Libya)

  • Olivia Quinn: Adviser and Chief Strategy Officer (Dubai)

  • Sohail Nakhooda: Chief of Media and Outreach (Amman/Dubai)

  • Dr. Rosa Vasilakis: Head of Research and Development (Greece)

In addition, COR has large network of volunteers and partners.

Louis Lebbos

Founding Partner of AstroLabs

Louis Lebbos is Founding Partner of AstroLabs, a tech co-working community in Dubai and Riyadh and learning academy focused on capability building across the MENA region.
Louis co-founded Namshi, an e-commerce company, where he led the HR, marketing and onsite experience teams. Prior to founding Namshi, Louis was a consultant at McKinsey & Company in Dubai and was part of the general management development program at a US Fortune 200 multinational. Louis holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and an Electrical Engineering degree from North Carolina State University.

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AstroLabs will provide a free membership in its Dubai space for Code On The Road and full scholarship to its signature programs to 2 people as well. That’s a combined value of 20,000 AED.

Ahmad Saleh

Partner, Head of Patents & Designs (R&D and Innovations)- Al Tamimi & Company

Ahmad is a Canadian attorney and engineer with over 13 years of international and local experience in IP and commercial law. Prior to joining Al Tamimi in September 2013 as Head of Patents and Designs (R&D Innovations), he worked for reputable Canadian and International law firms.

Ahmad is one of the most experienced patent lawyers and innovation councils in the Middle East and is widely recognized for his strategic and visionary thinking and leadership.

Ahmad advises clients in the private and public sectors in a wide range of legal matters in the sphere of Research & Development and Innovation, from patent protection to technology transfer transactions and litigation. Ahmad holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering and a Masters of Applied Sciences degree in Electrical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, an LLB in Civi Law and a DESSS in common Law from the University of Montreal.

Ahmad has completed executive education programs in General Management, Innovation & Technology and Artificial Intelligence for Business Strategies from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Ahmad has a unique set of skills and credentials bringing to the benefit of clients a rich three- dimensional expertise combining legal, technical and business.

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Al Tamimi & Company

Al Tamimi & Company provide in kind IP/ Patents Consultancy services for Code On The Road which would be worth $5,000

Zeid El-Basyouni

Bank of America Merrill Lynch as Assistant Vice President, Finance Solutions Advisor

Zeid works for Bank of America Merrill Lynch as Assistant Vice President, Finance Solutions Advisor in Boston office, where he serves BofA’s client to stream line strategic healthy financial outcomes, future goals, growth and planing in regular basis and investment strategy by building the right investment portfolios for C clients and cooperates. He is also the co-founder and Business Lead at Harvard/ MIT awarded startup Speetar, aiming to connect patients in underprivileged areas in Libya with doctors across the boarders with the power of tel-medicine.

Prior to this he worked in Benghazi, Libya with Cesvi – Onlus, UN-HCR , Arabian Gulf Oil Company and co- founded Bokra Org. for youth development which helped train over 500 individual and played a major role to organize the first general elections in Libya after 2012 upraising. He holds master’s degree in International Business from Hult International Business school,as well as a Masters in policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.

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Areas of Support Needed

Strategic partnerships, for example business and labor market mentorship networks and institutions with educational spaces, e.g. classrooms, meeting rooms

Digital Startup Experts to improve the B2C user experience for our ed-tech product as we expand in the region.

Funding opportunities

Support the Innovator

Please select areas of support you can provide to the innovator

Advisory and Mentorship Support

Please choose the area(s) of support that you are interested in being part of:

Mobile Application and content Development to initially support projects operations in Libya and Lebanon

Financial model Assistance

Legal Assistance vis-a-vis patents and data mining and geographical registration.

Secure further partnerships

Support the Innovator

Please select areas of support you can provide to the innovator


The 3arabi Impact Initiative by HAAA aims at identifying and supporting implementation of projects that impact the Arab world, regardless of sector or country. The 3arabi Impact Initiative by HAAA aims at identifying and supporting implementation of projects that impact the Arab world, regardless of sector or country

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