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Lama Banna

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Provide a summary of the concept, how it works/could work, and why it could be successful

The project creates a digital platform that provides multimedia learning resources and online assistance with an emphasis on Media and Information Literacy to help refugee children complete their school studies in their native language and cultivate their ability to actively and critically search, navigate, and learn from the online space.

Explain briefly the specific problem(s) you are trying to solve, and how your solution impacts or will impact the region

Some of the refugees have missing years of school, because they found themselves in a new environment where they are taught in a language different from their native language. They need at least two years to understand their new environment, understand the local language to fully integrate into the society. To adapt themselves into this constantly changing digital age is a much bigger challenge for these children.

Geographical Scope: where is the innovation currently operating/where would it first be applied and where would it scale?

Current Syrian refugee children (6-12 years old) living in Turkey. In the longer term the project aims at expanding to a larger target group: Native Arabic speaking refugee children (6-12 years old) from Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Iran and Somalia.

Please state the current status of your initiative

Development stage
Pilot stage

Beneficiaries: Explain who would benefit from this solution and indicate whether you would be working with a local partner or organization to implement (if so,specify)

Among 22.5 million refugees in the world, more than half of them are children. They are forced to leave their homes and everything behind not because they want to but as a means to escape conflict, violence and persecution. Many have experienced profound physical and emotional traumas.

Describe the scalability and innovation elements of your initiative

Our Project react with one of the most difficult challenges in the world which is to provide the basic education to the refugees children all around the world and is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education for all.
Far distance between the refugees camps and the schools and lack of resources to cover for school supplies make their situation even more difficult. “Small Refugee” project team is working to combat these problems with media and information literacy and the digital technology to provide high-quality basic education online along with building a strong community of learners.

Please state your innovation sponsor (if applicable)

About the partners and sponsors we won in GLOBAL MIL YOUTH Hackathon and that give us a chance to have a partnership with UNESCO Which give us a seed fund to create our MVP you can read more about that here: and I am working with Gaza Sky Geeks to build our MVP which will be ready in September. Now I am looking for Partnership or more fund to help us create the content I mean the education Material to cover more grades.

What are your key resources at this stage and what resources would you need to implement/scale?

Now the resources are my Team and the seed fund from UNESCO just for MVP. I am looking for support as fund or Instruments to open our own Studio to help us create the education Material.

What are your key challenges and risks at this stage?

The most difficult challenge is to find a strong Partnership to support us, our team working day and night to reach our goal, we all volunteers just to help those cute children. the second challenge is to find who will support us to have our own office and studio to create the content and education material in the best quality and reach more and more
and also to reach the largest number of the refugees the risk is related to the content (the children will like or not) cuz it must be useful and attract the children so we must put all our efforts on it and to avoid this risk we test it and
take the feedback to improve. finally the certification Which we look for an International company to support and certified it for the refugees.

What are your goals and timeline?

now we are working on our MVP it will finish in September _we work for the basic education now from 1st to 6th grade_ but in the MVP we can create the education Martial for two classes only. related to that: First goal: to create the content from 3rd to 6th grade need Two months. Second Goal: create content for 7th to 9th grades need three months. Third goal: travel to UAE and make Partnership with Fourth goal: work on the secondary phase from 10th to 12th need four months.
I will add file you can check it so you will understand how we will work and what is our goal, this file we follow it for the MVP.

Why should this innovation be selected?

If you want to put your hands in our hands to help thousands of the children refugees to complete their education wherever they are in their native language and support them with a certified certification to join the University legally, you should support our Idea to reach all the children in future with six languages we believe that your values are our values so we can stand together to make this dream fact. Will be proud if you give us the chance to be one of your great family.


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