Marah Mazahreh

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Provide a summary of the concept, how it works/could work, and why it could be successful

Please find the attached link below The script of our pitching is provided as note on each page of the pitch deck please make
sure to read it while you are looking at the pitch deck pages. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m8yE0hcR4beFizyx7XyZEDYLSjncyFov/view?usp=drivesdk

Explain briefly the specific problem(s) you are trying to solve, and how your solution impacts or will impact the region

Please find the attached link for more details

Geographical Scope: where is the innovation currently operating/where would it first be applied and where would it scale?

In Amman,Jordan and It is not the End because it is a Global investment for global problems.. project can be implanted in the region or even anyplace on the planet due to using the hydroponic planting that uses less water than the traditional agriculture also it is more productive, moreover our project solves a lot of problems that face the world and specifically Jordan such as water scarcity, low quality of vegetables and fruits and the non-affordable prices of food

Please state the current status of your initiative

Concept stage

Beneficiaries: Explain who would benefit from this solution and indicate whether you would be working with a local partner or organization to implement (if so,specify)

Our target market is Local community will benefit from this project EnviroGlam will be working with, like Hypermarkets, restaurants , hotels and even local shops also will be working with popular online shops to make the process of getting fresh
healthy food more convenient and Easy And in order to grantee the proficiency in farming and cultivating we are now discussing a
agreement with narc company one of the most famous agriculture companies in the middle east. that will make sure that our employees will be highly trained after a professional courses that will be given by experts in the field of hydroponic.

Describe the scalability and innovation elements of your initiative

Due to using the hydroponic system in our project the scalability is really high, EnviroGlam glam will extend from a rooftop on a building in a certain district to the whole city. A company that has 4 employees in each building of the city to benifit the whole city by providing jobs and healthy food. And the systems we are using gave us the opportunity to fit the situation and conditions of agriculture in Jordan.

Please state your innovation sponsor (if applicable)

Jopetrol, Medlabs and KAFD
our sponsors in our journey to Melbourne Australia to participate in Hult Prize Regionals and we were one of the top 6 finalist.

What are your key resources at this stage and what resources would you need to implement/scale?

Human Resources is totally what make our project full of passion the of EnviroGlam is a hard work passionate team.our project doesn’t need lands just the already built buildings to use the rooftops.

What are your key challenges and risks at this stage?

The high construction fund for the project and the professional experts for the perfect strategies in the hydroponic field and the perfect results.

What are your goals and timeline?

1)Create a city fully sustained with healthy local vegetables and fruits 2)Provide jobs and knowledge in green urban hydroponic farming 3)Eliminate all risks of old agriculture 4)Take a part in drawing smile on 9 billion people by 2050 And more to count

In year one we will lunch our first 10 with investement of 350k in the city to grantee deployment,solving the problems the community face with smaller projects all the way up to delivering on major government contracts and impact more than two million people. and by 2030 enviroGlam will have 100+ rooftops across the region, about 5.7 million revenues and more than 2 million people fed

Why should this innovation be selected?

We have a business idea and social mission.We REALLY just want everyone to know that our business can not only be used for capital and social good, but to solve important geopolitical issues. The Arab Spring showed us that it only takes one dream, one stand and one opportunity to mobilise millions.so you should push the boundaries of what is possible in the pursuit of EnviroGlam’s impact. Our project a simple yet elegant business model that creates a win for the beneficiary, corporation and social entrepreneur leading to sustained growth, spread and scale…. It is building an ecosystem-based approach to
social impact, redesigning its entire supply chain to manufacture positive change.. so that our project can incorporate impact into the lifecycle of its products.



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