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Fatabyyano is an Independent Anti-Fake News Platform, According to International Fact-checking Network IFCN definition; Fatabyyano is the Leading fact-checking Platform in the Arab world. and it’s the first and only Arabian signatory that Certified by IFCN.


Fatabyyano headquartered is in Jordan. Fatabyyano’s main audience is from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan respectively.

  • 81% of our users are from the Arab World

  • 79% of our users are from age between 18 & 34

  • Fatabyyano is the winner Best Fake News Dataset Overall Award in QICC / HBKU 2019 between 15 different competitors.

  • Fatabyyano Won the 1st place in the Global Fact-checking Award for 2019.

  • the first and only Arabian signatory that Certified by IFCN. which mean Fatabyyano is the only Arabian Platform that allows to partner with Facebook/Google as third party Fact-checker

  • Dr.Moath Althaher, CEO & Founder

  • Roa’a Alkhatib, Editing Manager.

  • Mostafa Elsayed, Editor and team leader of Mistake hunters

  • Areej Waleed, Head of Content Quality Team

  • Dr.Motaz Nabeel, PR and Researcher

Roberto Croci

Regional Managing Director Microsoft, keen on helping startups create and achieve tech goals in the Middle East
Microsoft for Startup Regional MD, with a vision to drive innovation and develop market- defining ideas in the Middle East

Roberto Croci joined Microsoft for Startups team with a wide range of knowledge, having previously worked as the Google Regional head for (EMEA) Emerging Markets (Middle East, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Africa) where he helped businesses by building & mentoring teams that could successfully penetrate new markets and ensure sustainable revenue growth.

As a natural born leader, he is passionate about business, people and their growth and has more than 15 years’ experience in various industries – ranging from digital marketing, ad-tech to sales

He will be integral as the Regional Managing director at Microsoft for startups Middle East, in helping startups achieve their goals by promoting their tech solutions through digital and social campaigns, opening up the right opportunities for growth, customizing a market plan to maximize joint marketing with Microsoft and providing a targeted industry co-marketing and account planning.

He has specialized in leadership development as a Harvard Business School graduate and has a proven track-record of creating successful teams and growing businesses in unpredictable environments.

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Fatabyyano’s main audience is from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan respectively.

81% of our users are from the Arab World

79% of our users are from age between 18 & 34

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Support

    Fatabyyano is developing technology solutions that classify any news in “Truth or Fake in One Click!, This is based on a large Database built over the last 5 years and is enriched on a daily basis. Fatabyyano needs AI Experts & Data-Scientists to help use data to build the system.

  • SEO & Web Development Support.

    Fatabyyano.net is an active website with good traffic. However, most of its traffic is generated from its Social media Platforms.

    • SEO support is needed from Experts to improve its website wanking and traffic.
    • Web development support is needed to provide new tools and services on its website
  • Digital Marketing

    Fatabyyano needs sponsorship to launch new products for which they already have developed the content- namely for:

    A. Fatabyyano Show which consists of 5 minutes episodes to debunk Myths and try to build Critical minds in its Societies. Each episode accounts for more than 500,000 views and is translated into 6 languages.

    Fatabyyano team is looking for sponsors for the next season
    B. Rumor & Truth in 1 min إشاعة وحقیقة في دقیقة . these are 1 minute clips to debunk trendy Fake-News.

Advisory and Mentorship Support

Please choose the area(s) of support that you are interested in being part of:

Artificial Intelligence assistance, Machine Learning Support to build a technology solution that gives the Classification of any news it Truth or Fake in One Click by using data.

SEO & Web Development Assistance.

Digital Marketing Support.

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Fetabyyano News

  • Facebook /Instagram announces its Partnership with Fatabyyano as a Third-Party Fact-Checker for 19 Counties in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Fatabayano will be part of the the #CoronaVirusFacts / CoronaVirus Alliance Led by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at the Poynter Institute,the Alliance unites more than 100 fact-checkers around the world in publishing, sharing and translating facts surrounding the new coronavirus. The Alliance was launched in January when the spread of the virus was restricted to China but already causing rampant misinformation globally. The World Health Organization now classifies this issue as an infodemic — and the Alliance is on the front lines in the fight against it.

    Fatabyyano, debunk more than 167 fake news regarding the outbreak of COVID-19.

  • Fatabyyano website has now more than one million users monthly

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