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Moath Althaher

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Provide a summary of the concept, how it works/could work, and why it could be successful

Project brief : Fatabyyano is the leading Arabic Platform in Fact-checking, Fatabyyano Combat Fake News, Misinformation, Myths, Rumors & Pseudoscience. It also encourages the use of reason, intellectual skills , and the verification of news.

how it works? we follow what we called 9 Steps Fatabyyano Fact-checking Methodology. we upload our methodology online so you can review it easily. :
which is very accurate methodology we use it in our work.

Explain briefly the specific problem(s) you are trying to solve, and how your solution impacts or will impact the region

According to the NFTD , the Arab world spends 5 billion$/year on myths, fake news, while the Arab world spends only 1.7$ billion on scientific research. moreover, According to plenty of international Magazines they now called our age “The Age
of Fake News” Fake news is a problem we are facing it daily, whether at the individual or community level, and thats why Fatabyyano Platform was established, to restore the confidence of 300 million Arab users of the Internet with the Arabic content again

Geographical Scope: where is the innovation currently operating/where would it first be applied and where would it scale?

Fatabyyano Platform still working online with Freelancers from all over the world. Fatabyyano Platform target Arab Internet users in General , but according to Fatabyyano platform statistics, the countries in which we have the largest Fan numbers are
respectively; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Jordan.
76% of Fatabyyano Followers are from age 18-25
92% of Fatabyyano Followers are from Arab world

Please state the current status of your initiative

Currently scaling up/expanding

Beneficiaries: Explain who would benefit from this solution and indicate whether you would be working with a local partner or organization to implement (if so,specify)

Esch user of the social media is very appreciative of the importance of Fatabyyano platform, and the evidence of that, The hundreds of messages that ask us to check news or ask us to verify information that they face them on Internet daily.
Arabic users ” 300 Million users” will be able to reach the true information and the true news on Social Media daily.
The Arabian reader will be able to know the truth of any trend news in a very short time.

Describe the scalability and innovation elements of your initiative

The project was able recently to achieve a huge prevalence in the Arabic world and reach up to 500,000 followers with more than 30 Fatabyyano team members between medical doctors, engineers, physicists, specialists at humanitarian history and language, as well as specialists at cinema tricks, researchers and translators, a team of design and graphics, editing team, montage, directors, motion graphics, website developer and others. The project excelled with huge outcomes that was measured through number of Fatabyyano program episodes views which has reached up to 3 million views as well as recommendation and testimony of many scientists, researchers, the media and many well-known characters worldwide who have praised the accuracy of the content, the truth of the scientific proven as well as the hundreds of articles that was written by the Fatabyyano team
from all over the world.

Please state your innovation sponsor (if applicable)


What are your key resources at this stage and what resources would you need to implement/scale?

Fatabyyano Platform Depend on annually sponsors, but in future we looking forward to Attract new Advertisers and Investments on a Large scale

What are your key challenges and risks at this stage?

The Financial part is the Biggest risk that facing our project. We are looking forward to attract investors to take the platform to a new level to make Fatabyyano self-sustaining Project.
Fatabyyano need an advisory group experts how can work with our team to develop the platform.

What are your goals and timeline?

Goal 1 : be able to produce new season of Fatabyyano show ( 8 episodes ) + establish 1 minute clips called “ اشاعة و حقیقة في دقیقة “ which is focused on weekly trendy fake news. And continue to verify the news on a daily basis but on a wider scale until Fatabyyano becomes the platform of the first reference in the Arab world to verify any news on the Internet. Target date : weekly and monthly ( continuous working ). All this effort will take us to the next level to establish the second goal
Goal 2 : A mobile Application that just contain (verified truth news) and Information. We will review the news on the top 100 Arab news websites in the Arab world and we will check all news and publish the news that is verified and we ill attributed to the original site, but with mentioning that this news has been reviewed and that this news is true to a certain percentage and give it an assessment from 1 to 10. according to our review. This way we will be able to make the audience top 100 sites our audience in just in one step. But with greater credibility which will give us an added advantage.
Target date : 1-1.2020.

Why should this innovation be selected?

We established Fatabyyano project since five years ago in able to solve a major problem in our society which is fake news. The spread of myths and Rumors in science, culture, religion, medicine and history destroys our Minds and our critical thinking.
Clearing the Arabic content on the internet from myths and building an objective mind and researcher handset, looking for truth and searching for sources of it in every new thing it faces, looking forward to differentiate between true and false was and still the most important goal of our project which is match Harvard 3Arabi Impact competition goals. We are looking to achieve through this competition the most precise professional work using all recent different methods to follow up with the 21th century towards an Arabic content free from fake news. Moreover, sharing HAAA vision in order to affect people’s safety and shape the future deployment of cybersecurity solutions motivate us to be within your side.



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  3. هذا مشروع فائز بلاشك !! مشروع متكامل اعلامي توعوي استثماري ناجح بكل معنى الكلمة

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