Bayanat Box

Haramoun Hamieh

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Areas of Support Needed

Mentorship on the Financial model to identify new revenue generation streams to enhance its financial sustainability and expand its impact

Advise on long term Partnerships with national, regional and international organizations who share the same goals and values to produce content campaigns and train Arab youth on explanatory, visual, data journalism.

Advise on potential partners in the public and private sector for Bayanat Box planned climate change policy campaign. At the moment Bayanat Box is developing a concept for a content campaign on climate change because it found that this critical topic is undercovered in Arab media, especially how it will impact people’s lives and livelihoods, and what can be done to adapt to it and to mitigate its impact.

Partnership with NGOs and regional and international publishers who may be interested in its subscription-based visual content wire service so it can work closely with them and prototype a product that fits their needs.

Advise on Subscription-based visual content wire service that allows NGOs and regional and international publishers to use Baynat Box’s visual content on their platforms to cover socio-economic topics in the Arab world and to engage their audience. This service will include an automation component that should not only make the production process more efficient, but also democratize visual content creation.

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