Dawsat: @ Home with your wellness

Tally Zingher

Promotional URL: http://www.dawsat.com/

Areas of Support Needed

Marketing assistance in Developing relevant partnerships (or research partnerships) to close deals with insurers, health plans, health clinics and employers towards the shift to B2B or B2G

Digital marketing and content marketing support to help refine our B2C approach as we grow into the GCC.

Fundraising/Investment: Our investors include 500 Falcons and a seasoned franchisee of WW in the US. We are interested in connecting with other relevant investors.

We are looking to raise another $1M to grow our tech team and hire a marketing function in the GCC as well as cover budget to shift to working with our B2B clients.

Support the Innovator

Please select areas of support you can provide to the innovator

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