Fatabyyano Platform

Moath Althaher

Promotional URL: http://www.fatabyyano.net/

Areas of Support Needed

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Support

Fatabyyano is developing technology solutions that classify any news in “Truth or Fake in One Click!, This is based on a large Database built over the last 5 years and is enriched on a daily basis. Fatabyyano needs AI Experts & Data-Scientists to help use data to build the system

SEO & Web Development Support.

Fatabyyano.net is an active website with good traffic. However, most of its traffic is generated from its Social media Platforms.

-SEO support is needed from Experts to improve its website wanking and traffic.

-Web development support is needed to provide new tools and services on its website

Digital Marketing

Fatabyyano needs sponsorship to launch new products for which they already have developed the content- namely for:

A. Fatabyyano Show which consists of 5 minutes episodes to debunk Myths and try to build Critical minds in its Societies. Each episode accounts for more than 500,000 views and is translated into 6 languages.Fatabyyano team is looking for sponsors for the next season

B. Rumor & Truth in 1 min إشاعة وحقیقة في دقیقة . these are 1 minute clips to debunk trendy Fake-News.

Support the Innovator

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