• Voting

    The HAAA community and wider public will be voting to select the project they like the most from August 24 to September 9th which will result in the ranking of projects and identification of the top 9 projects as semi-finalists. Semi-finalist voting is enabled until October 8th

  • Jury Members

    Jury members will review and select top 3 projects from September 9th to September 22.

  • 3arabi Impact Advisors

    3arabi Impact advisors will mentor top 3 finalists starting September 24 in preparation for presentations of a road map for implementation at the Harvard Arab World Conference on December 7th in Dubai.

  • Innovator & Members

    Innovator and members of 3arabi Impact present the road plan at HAWC on December 7 and milestones achieved at Arab Conference at Harvard (ACH) in spring 2020.

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